4 Ways to Reduce Divorce Related Stress (For You and Your Kids)

Coping with divorce can be difficult and stressful. Once the divorce process begins, even if you were the one to file, a new level of shock, disbelief, and/or grief may leave you (and the children) disoriented and out of sorts for a while. Although there is no way to totally avoid the stress that comes with divorce, you can develop tools to minimize the disruptions in your life, and the lives of your children, Read More

Understanding How Custody Works

When parents in Wyoming separate and begin the divorce process, child custody is often an issue of paramount importance. In the best of circumstances, you and your spouse will be able to create a workable parenting arrangement. However, when parents cannot agree, a Court will make the decision based on what it believes to be in the best interest of the children. The Best Interests of the Children Read More

Thinking About Suing Someone? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions First

For better or worse we live in a litigious society. There is an average of one new lawsuit filed every two seconds in the United States. Perhaps you are thinking about adding to that count because someone has breached an agreement you have with him or her. Seeking the advice of a competent lawyer with experience on the issue confronting you is your best bet. Do you have a strong case? Your feelings of being Read More

What To Do After the Other Party Breached Your Contract

Many of us have been in a business relationship that has not worked out as planned. The other party may not have done what was promised, or is not responsive to your calls and concerns, or is causing considerable anxiety or financial loss, or all of the above. Of course, it is frustrating when the other party has not delivered as promised. But it is important to first determine whether a breach has been committed, Read More

Four Tips About Discussing the Divorce Process with Your Kids

As parents we want our kids to be happy and feel secure. That’s why one of the most difficult things we can do is tell our children that their parents will no longer be living together. This sensitive discussion does not have to scar your children emotionally. The best approach consists of picking an appropriate time for the discussion and explaining, in an age-appropriate manner, that mommy and daddy will no longer Read More

4 Signs Your Business Dispute Is Headed for Litigation

Your business associations are like other close relationships: no matter how well you get along in the beginning, conflict will almost certainly arise at some point. Business partners, vendors, employees, and customers can all initiate disputes that could very well escalate into litigation if resolution appears unattainable. While fighting it out in court may be inevitable for some conflicts, others may be Read More

Thinking About Divorce?

On your wedding day you looked into eyes of your partner and felt a sense of joy and happiness and hope. It was impossible to think that there would ever come a day when your world would be turned upside down and divorce seemed like the only option; when the inevitable challenges in your relationship felt like they had become insurmountable. But here you are. What to do? Of course you have thought about your Read More

Five Common Causes of Partnership Disputes

No matter how successful your business is, it is inevitable that partnership disputes will arise from time to time. Left unresolved, they can lead to missed opportunities, lost profits, low morale, and, in the worst case, the eventual dissolution of the business.  Below is a list of five common causes of partnership disputes, all of which can be avoided with a well-crafted partnership agreement. Financial Rights Read More

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding to Pursue Litigation

As a business owner, you have a lot of decisions to be made every day. While most of the time things will remain relatively uneventful, there is always the risk of becoming caught up in a dispute between you and your customers, other businesses, and numerous other entities with whom your company regularly interacts. Whether a vendor breaches a contract, there is a legal dispute with an employee, or any number of Read More