The American Dream: buying a new house

A few weeks ago when we began talking about owning a business, I made a reference to the pursuit of the great American dream(s). One of the greatest of those great dreams is owning one’s own home. That will be the subject of the next few articles. If you own your own home, you fall into one of two categories: You either bought an existing dwelling or you purchased land and built a dwelling. Each is exciting, and Read More

Completing the purchase of your new home

It’s Wednesday. Newspaper day. Thank heaven there’s a reason to get out of bed. I hope you remember a couple of weeks ago that you signed a contract to buy Fred Wilma Flintstone’s house for 4.5 times what it would have cost you in Peoria, Ill. You have applied for bank financing and are awaiting approval. Your contract with the Flintstones gives you the right to have the house inspected. So what do you do now? Read More

The ground rules for building a house

Your good friends recently bought a house and are now settled in and loving it. You are very happy for them. Your heart’s desire, however, has always been to buy a piece of land and build your own dream house. What’s involved in that process? The initial part of the process is similar whether you are looking to buy a house or simply some land. It generally begins with a realtor, then the search for the right Read More

Honest officer, I swear I only had two beers: The saga of driving under the influence

You have reflected on it in your mind  over and over again.  It is surreal. It is not possible.  Yet here you are on a weekday morning lying on a cot in the Teton County Jail covered with a threadbare wool blanket, staring up at the single light bulb on the ceiling which has been glaring in your face for this eternity of a miserably long night. You should be home getting ready for work. You should be stepping out Read More

Driving while intoxicated: A few good reasons why not to do it

You are standing on the side of the road.  Shivering. Frightened.  Disoriented.  Cars whizzing by on the highway.   There you are for the whole world to see, silhouetted by the flashing lights of the patrol car in front of which you are standing.  Keep it together, you tell yourself.  Focus.  It’ll be okay. You can do it. Not 5 minutes ago you were on your way home, after a relaxing hour with friends over some Read More

Making babies is not what it used to be: Navigating the law of assisted reproduction

I was so ignorant about the subject that when I first saw the phrase "assisted reproduction" recently I thought it was a description of what happens when my secretary helps me make copies of legal documents. I was wrong. Assisted reproduction actually refers to the newly (and rapidly) emerging processes of bringing babies into the world.  For thousands of years babies could only be created through a single method: Read More

Wyoming Workers: You can be fired at any time

It’s a rare week that passes without a call from someone who says something like this:  “I have been working for the Rio Grande Hotel as a chef for six months.  My employer has told me at least a dozen times that I am the best employee he has ever had and he loves my work.  But this morning he called me at home and told me not to bother coming to work -- that he was firing me.  He wouldn’t tell me why, he wouldn't Read More

Notes From the Heartland: Some Thoughts On Healthcare Then And Now

As a child I often heard the Wise Ones tell the story.  About a time long ago in a land many valleys removed from our Shangri-la.  The Wise Ones referred to the place simply as "the heartland."  In the heartland the strong cared for the weak.  In the heartland the strong WANTED to care for the weak.  It was as natural as the next breath. Sickness and disease in the heartland was not dissimilar to what we Read More

Pro Bono Distills Dispute Resolution To Its Very Essence

The world is awash in Conflict. It is all around us, virtually all the time.  The world is a perfectly tuned perpetual motion Conflict machine.   Recently the most visible Conflict on the world stage is, once again, the Middle East. It is profoundly disturbing to watch, night after night, the endless scenes of neighbor pitted against neighbor, mortal enemies locked in a seemingly inexorable dance toward the Read More

It’s All So Confusing: What Is The Right Thing To Do?

I know it seems like just yesterday but Pro Bono has been a fixture of the JH Guide since May 1999.  Forty or so articles of slightly comical relief with an educational twist. It has been my objective to write on controversial subjects from time to time without being particularly controversial.  Today I want to share some things I have been thinking about recently, which may be slightly different than the usual Read More