Family Law

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You’re unhappy, lonely, anxious, vulnerable, scared. The thought of doing it on your own is paralyzing, even though that’s exactly what you have been doing anyway, and you know in your heart you can’t stand to live like this for another minute.

Sound familiar? The alternative, divorce, seems daunting. And what about the kids? Is it really fair to put them through that painful, awful process.

What can you possibly do? Well the next step, probably the most difficult thing you can imagine doing, is picking up the telephone and calling Ken Cohen.  Ken has 40 years of experience helping both men and women, mothers and fathers, navigate through the bewildering world of divorce. He is compassionate and approachable.  He is a good listener.  You will not feel judged.  You will come away from that first meeting with Ken wondering why you waited so long.

You deserve to be happy. And while the process will not be simple, or painless, or inexpensive, you will learn that there is life after divorce. Life, and happiness, and a feeling of self-worth that somehow got buried so long ago in this now hopeless relationship.